Adding a cron job is made super easy in our admin panel. Navigate to the host -> site you want to add a cronjob to, and then the CRON tab.

When in the CRON tab you a able to insert the execution time of you cron and the command.

TIME: The time is set with a numeric value to when and how often the cron job should run. The format is MINUTE HOUR DAY-OF-MONTH MONTH DAY-OF-WEEK. If we want a cronjob to run every Monday at 12:00 the value would be 0 12 1 (0 minute at 12th hour at any day of month at any month at the first day of the week). A helpful tool to when setting execution time is

COMMAND: Here you set the full absolute to the file you want to trigger, and commands or options you want to add. Remember that you have to use absolute paths in the command.

For more information about how to configure cron jobs in combination with WordPress, check out the developer cron documentation on this.

Below the "ADD CRON JOB" box, you see a list of all cron jobs. Both active and inactive.

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