After setting up your free test host, you are ready to make the transfer from a free test host to a client live host.

This is done by going to the plan section of the host. Here you will pick a suitable plan for you host, and continue to the next page.

From here partners have two options. You can either go for a client owned host, or a partner owned host. If you choose to have a client owned host, you will receive kickback. Whiles if you choose a partner owned, you will receive a discounted host price.

If you choose to have a partner owned host you can accept the terms of service and leave the transfer. However if you choose to transfer the host and have a client owned host you will have to enter the clients email address.

After you have entered the clients email, the client will receive an email explaining the transfer. If the client allerede has an account at Servebolt, they will have to login and accept the transfer. If the client doesn't have an account they will be asked to enter the necessary details for finished registering an account and accepting the transfer.

After the transfer is accepted the host will appear in your partnership list of host. Read more about the partner hosts list here!

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