Does Servebolt back up my host?

Servebolt runs nightly disaster recovery backups of all files and databases. Databases can be hard to restore from backup, so we recommend to always make your own backups of your database prior to updates or installation of new plugins and similar. It will save you a lot of time. 

Do backups count against the GB available on my hosting plan?

No, the disaster recovery backups are kept on separate storage space provided free of charge by Servebolt.

Does my plan include Development, Testing & Staging environments?

The High Performance plans include 3 production sites, and an unlimited amount of development, testing and staging hosts. The only physical limit is the disk space on your plan. Every dev/test/stage host will be provided with a custom URL with SSL. 

Git and Continuous Integration

Can I use Git?

There are two ways to use Git. Servebolt has a builtin Git integration. It lets you deploy code from the branch of your liking through the control panel with a single click, or automatically if you set up web hooks. The other way to use Git is via the command line.

Can I use CI tools?

Yes. They usually just depend on rsync / ssh and symlinks. 

Can I change the webserver's public/ folder?

public/ will always be the public folder, but you can delete the physical folder and replace it with a symlink of your liking if your deployment tools run alternative folder structures.

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